Individual personal safety is a basic right that each of us has a claim to. The ability to protect our loved ones and ourselves is something that each person must make a decision as to how to approach. P4 Enterprises offers training in several disciplines that will provide options that best fit your beliefs and lifestyle. Whether it is obtaining your Illinois Concealed Carry license (CCW) or learning how to safeguard your home, we can help.

Whether the decision is to incorporate a firearm into your personal protection planning or to utilize avoidance techniques into your approach, P4 Enterprises can help you to take the necessary steps to begin the process of building and maintaining an appropriate personal protection plan.

P4 Enterprises incorporates the following into a process for conditioning an individual to apply best-practices into a personal protection plan and mindset:

  • Preparation - Appropriate training in the selected discipline.
  • Practice - The tools and exercises required to hone skill sets.
  • Pattern - Utilizing "Muscle-memory" to make safety an inherent skill.
  • Perform - The capability to be appropriately proactive in avoiding and reactive in responding to critical incidents.

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